quick website feedbackGetting feedback on your website is important to learn more about potential improvements. Unfortunately, many of the available methods tend to take long and can, therefore, slow down your website optimization or development processes.

Fast feedback = Good feedback?

For instance, in agile workflows the sprints tend to take fewer than two weeks, making them unsuitable for slower forms of website feedback. Similarly, many processes linked to conversion rate optimization and UX also have tight deadlines. Each of these processes will benefit from quick website feedback.

Do keep in mind, though, when reading this article, that fast website feedback isn’t always the best website feedback. Try to find the optimal balance for your organization in terms of speed and quality in order to get the most out of your feedback collection efforts.

Quick website feedback methods

We’ll highlight several methods that will allow you to gather quick website feedback. For each of these methods, we will also present a rough breakdown of the steps needed per method, along with an estimate of the time needed for those steps. If you want to employ these feedback methods, check out this customer feedback tools article.

Panel feedback

The slow version of this method involves contacting market research agencies. After an agreement has been reached, they will then approach members in their panel and collect the feedback that you’ve requested. While there will be individual differences in turnaround time for each individual market research agency, in general, this process will take multiple days at the least. Furthermore, I wasn’t able to find any market research agency that was specialized in collecting website feedback.

Online panel feedback

In recent years, alternative ways of collecting panel feedback have started emerging. For instance, UserFeedback (that’s us) offers targeted feedback on your website that’s delivered in less than 24 hours. Because the process is online and we’re specialized in collecting website feedback specifically, not only can we offer a fast turnaround time, but also ensure high-quality feedback.

Feedback polls

Hotjar poll

Have you noticed that more and more website are showing small popups that ask you questions like “Could you find what you were looking for?”. Such pop-ups are sometimes called real-time feedback polls or just website polls and can be employed with tools like Hotjar or Qualaroo. The aspects that are most important when you are looking for fast feedback are the questions and the triggers.


In order to get your feedback as quickly as possible, try to keep your questions few and short. We recommend asking only on, very specific question for the visitor to answer. Whenever it is in line with your goals, try using multiple choice questions, as they tend to get more responses faster. Open questions often take longer to get responses, but if they do, the actual insights can be a lot better.


Try showing the polls to as many visitors as possible, without irritating them too much. When setting up your triggers, determine on what pages visitors are most likely to be able to provide relevant answers to your research questions. Keep in mind that generally (far) less than 5% of your visitors will answer your poll. Oh, and even though we are looking for speed here, do give the visitors some time to explore the website/page. Slapping a “Could you find what you were looking for?” poll on their screen after they have been on the website for less than 5 seconds is unlikely to get you a lot of good results.

Live chat

Having live chat support on your website can be a great way to collect feedback fast. Through services like Intercom or Tawk you can easily set up a live chat on your website. Often, visitors will use these chat windows to not only ask support questions but also voice their feedback about your website. Keep in mind, though, that visitors have very little patience in these chat sessions. If you are unable to respond to their inquiries quickly (under 5 minutes) they are likely to just leave your website without an answer to their questions.

Feedback widget

Companies like Usabilla and Survicate allow you to create feedback widgets that you can then add to your website. Especially for websites with high amounts of traffic, this can be a great way to collect feedback on their website swiftly. For websites with low traffic, however, the conversion rates for these opt-in widgets will probably be too low to generate any real feedback in a short time window.

User testing videos

Woman user testing

Feedback of your website through videos of users can be extremely valuable. As the testers browse your pages, they voice their thoughts, which can help you to determine potential improvements. Unfortunately, setting up user tests can take up quite a bit of time.

Setting up user tests

  1. Firstly, most of the user testing services (such as UserTesting and WhatUsersDo) require you to set up an account.
  2. Next, you’d have to set up the tasks for the testers and specify the user testing questions that you want to ask. Depending on your skill and experience, this process might take anywhere between 1-8 hours.
  3. Then, you’d pick your target audience and wait for the user testing videos to come in.
  4. Often, it can be smart to run a pilot test first. This can be done to ensure that the setup was done correctly and the testers are able to work through your tasks and questions well.
  5. If the provider has a large panel of user testers in your chosen demographic, then the first videos should be coming in within a couple of hours afterward.

Quick interviews

Lastly, a method that is also referred to as guerrilla testing. Basically, this involves grabbing your laptop and heading to the nearest Starbucks to ask people what they think about your website. Alternatively, you could also send out emails (to people you know, your beta users, etc.) asking for a short Skype chat in which they can voice their opinion. While setting this up and actually doing the interviews can take quite a bit of time, having a real-time conversation with these people can be incredibly valuable in gathering feedback about your website.


We’ve discussed several available methods to gather website feedback quickly. Because each of them have their own pros and cons, we advise you to pick the one(s) that match best with your goals and available timeframe.