Albert Heijn

The biggest grocery chain in The Netherlands is launching a big sale campaign featuring hamsters several times per year. The campaign has broad media coverage including ads on TV, in newspapers, and online. In order to create one consistent brand image throughout the media, they also restyle their homepage to be consistent with the sale campaign. In order to find out what the effects of this restyle are for their brand image, we gathered feedback from our panel of website testers.


Even though most testers eventually figured out it was a website for a grocery store, many believed it might be something like a pet store (because of all the hamster images). Another point of controversy was the color scheme that was used. While some testers praised it as colorful and pleasant to look at, others described the website as obnoxious, terrible, spammy, and busy. Interesting, even despite the crowded interface and abundance of hamsters, the large majority of testers rated the website as trustworthy.


"If this is a grocery store, then more grocery items should be added and take off some of the animals. If it's a pet store, then take off the food."

"I would change the color scheme of the page. The orange with the white just looks terrible to me. I think everything else is cool, and if the colors were changed then the page would look nicer."


Many testers considered the amount of hamsters and bright orange color scheme a bit much. Try running an A/B test where the campaign elements are still present, but in a more limited fashion.