This startup is founded by two water sports enthusiasts. They are a small company that likes to move fast and try new things. Their first product, the original Beastmount was a success, which led them to develop multiple spin-offs. But, is it still clear what they're offering? We gathered feedback from our panel to see how their website could be improved.


Many testers are excited about the pictures that are shown on the website and the color scheme that was used. On the other hand, they also provide feedback that they find the page to be somewhat chaotic in its setup. Another big point of interest that many of the testers felt quite confused with regards to what this website is selling and couldn't find out why it had two identical menus. Additionally, several testers pointed out that the website isn't using the secure https protocol yet on its pages.


"When I first looked at the page I was confused about what the company was actually selling. The fact that they're selling GoPro mounts is only displayed in tiny font on the top left of the page."

"The site looks okay but does not stand out from many others. The white background with black text is a bit dull. I would like to see more images of the product actually being used."


This website could benefit greatly from some quick wins.

  • Firstly, the team should remove the secondary navigation below the main menu. This change will lower distractions.
  • Secondly, they need to make it clear above the fold that this website sells custom GoPro mounts. This will reduce the bounce rate.
  • Lastly, they should make sure the website using https for security and an increased level of trust.