In September of 2018, Mailchimp underwent a major rebranding. Not only did they drastically change their visual identity, but they also started promoting other services than their mass email platform more prominently on their website. In order to find out what the effect of these changes is on their visitors, we collected user feedback from our panel of testers.


Most of the testers liked the bright color scheme that was used. The animation of the bird, however, drew more controversy. While some praised it as mesmerizing, others found it to be distracting and unrelated. Additionally, several testers also voiced confusion about the name in relation to the services it now offers. The most positive aspect of the feedback, however, was that the testers unanimously found the website to be very trustworthy and authentic.


"The name and branding are weird. I'm wondering how you chose a chimp as your name and mascot. Did you just toss a dart at a wall full of animal names? I don't get it. Any why is it called 'mail' chimp? Why would you want to give the impression you only do mail?"

"There needs to be a bit more clarity on just what the site offers. It seems to offer such a wide range of services that you can't be sure exactly what it's for. I'd add a summary to the front of the page so you can know right off the bat what the site offers."


Mailchimp has made a bold move with their new identity. Because the animation is both loved and hated, it will generate online chatter, and should probably stay in place for now. However, one thing Mailchimp should definitely be A/B testing is their unique value proposition headline because it's currently unclear to many testers what they are offering exactly.