Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below will provide an answer to the most common questions that we've received. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.


Yes, you can.

We offer feedback on pages in any major western language (including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and any other European language).

Keep in mind though, that for non-English pages we’ll have our highly rated English testers look at the page. This means that questions should always be phrased in English and the feedback you’ll receive will also be in English. The reason for this is that there aren’t enough non-English speakers in the tester panel at the moment.

That’s up to you.

The URL that you specify will be their starting point and based upon the tasks we give them, you can decide to have them stay on a particular page (for instance, your landing page) or click further into your website (for instance, to your product pages).

No, you don’t.

In fact, no actions from your side are required at all in order to collect the feedback (after you’ve completed the order form of course).

No, it isn’t.

The link is not kept private as it will be posted on a public website so that our testing panel can have access to it. However, after seven days, the link will automatically be removed from the panel website.

Yes, you can.

We do propose a set of five specific questions in the feedback order form for some of the most popular feedback goals. But, you are free to change any (or all) of those too if you think that suits your research needs better.

Keep in mind though, that questions should always be phrased in English, even when you’re submitting a page in another language.

Currently, we can only provide you with feedback on publicly available pages of desktop websites (and of course responsive sites are fine too).

Unfortunately, this means we can’t provide you with feedback on:

  • Desktop apps (Windows, MacOS, etc.)
  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS, etc.)
  • Mockups (designs, wireframes, etc.)
  • Local websites (localhost, private network, etc.)

If you’re uncertain whether we can test your project, please contact us.


The results will be presented in the form of a PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation, and a CSV data export.

Please check our features page or examples for more details.

Under normal circumstances, the user feedback reports will be ready in less than 24 hours.

However, on some occasions, for instance, when very specific demographics are desired, it can take longer before the results are delivered. We will inform you as soon as possible if this is the case.

Yes, we can.

We offer this service at the cost of an additional fee on top of the regular price that you pay to get the feedback from the testers. In exchange for this fee, we will analyze the feedback that you’ve received and create a report for you (based on your company logo and colors) that is ready to send to your client, boss or team.

Yes, they are.

Your results will be delivered to your inbox, and won’t be accessible anywhere publicly.

The feedback on your questions will be exclusively in written form (so no audio/video). Answers to each individual question tend to be one or two full sentences long.

Please check our example report (PDF, 940KB) for more details.

No, you won’t.

The feedback you’ll receive are written responses to the questions you’ve asked.


The testers are regular people from the USA whose primary spoken language is English. These people are part of an online panel and are willing to complete small tasks (like providing feedback on a website) in exchange for a fee.

The panel consists of more than 500,000 testers and has people from a wide range of demographics and backgrounds in it.

The images below show pictures of a sample of testers (who call themselves ‘Turkers’ hence the phrase ‘I Turk’ on their signs). The signs they hold up show their motivation for doing the testing.

Yes, it is.

Don’t get us wrong, feedback from your actual users absolutely has its own tremendous value. For instance, it can help you in deciding which features to add/remove from your product/service in order to prevent your users from switching to your competitor.

However, the vast majority (up to 99%) of the people that visit your website will never become your customer. For instance, they might be put off by something that is present or missing on your website and leave it without ever contacting you.

By gathering honest external feedback on what people think about your (clients’) website, this will present you with the opportunity to learn about what your visitors want, and consequently convert more visitors into customers.

Yes, in theory, you can.

However, for some target audiences, the number of testers in our panel will be extremely low. For instance, I’d estimate that at any given time, the number people in highly specialized well-earning occupations such as medical specialists, CEOs and lawyers would be approximately zero.

Also, keep in mind that the more specific you define your audience (“females under 30 that run a dog grooming salon vs. dog owners”), the slower the feedback will likely come in.


Yes, it is.

While the quality of some individual responses will inevitably vary, we will look at each of the responses manually and will make sure only proper feedback will be included in the feedback that you’ll receive.

Yes, we will.

For the most popular goals, we already propose a set of five specific questions in the feedback order form. These questions were tested over time and have delivered the best feedback from our panel.

Additionally, we’ve written an extensive article on asking the right questions in usability studies.

However, if you want some help on what questions to ask in your unique situation, feel free to contact us.

You’ll get your money back if you think that the quality of the feedback is bad.

Keep in mind though, that at this point in time, less than 1% of our customers have had serious complaints about the quality of the feedback they received.

Yes, it does.

We’ve already collected valuable feedback from websites ranging from simple small business websites with only a handful of pages to huge websites and webshops containing thousands of pages/products.


Yes, we can.

Please let us know if you’re looking for white-label reports, and we’ll make sure they are delivered that way.

Yes, we do.

Please contact us if you’re looking to purchase a bulk order and we’ll discuss the details.

Yes, you can.

The different sets of testers that you get with a bulk order can be split across any number of websites and/or clients.

Yes, it is.

No personal information from the testers (like names, email addresses, IP addresses or location data) is collected or saved.

No, we don’t.

At this moment we neither have no official integrations with any 3rd party apps nor do we have an API.

However, because the feedback in (also) delivered in the .csv format, you should be able to easily import the feedback into another app, database or dashboard.


The payment is one-off and there won’t be any recurring fees.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Unfortunately, at this moment we don’t accept Paypal or any local/alternative payment methods.

Yes, we do.

We are confident about the quality of the results that we deliver. Therefore, we offer all customers a 100% money back guarantee. So, if you’re not happy about the results you receive, for whatever reason, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.