Fast and Affordable User Feedback From Real People

Learn how to improve your website
 Without any recruitment or setup
 Get results in under 24 hours

How it works

Step 1: You choose your goal and questions

First you choose what goal you want to achieve with the user feedback. Additionally, select the desired number of participants and optionally their demographics. Lastly, you need to pay upfront for the report. Because we are confident about our process, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Step 2: We recruit people and gather feedback

Next, we recruit real people from online panels (such as Amazon Mechanical Turk) that match the demographics that you specified. We then ask each of these testers to view the URL that you've provided and request to them to answer multiple questions about it.

Step 3: We send you the results in < 24 hours

The feedback of your participants will be delivered in your inbox. Available formats: CSV (Excel), PPT (PowerPoint) and PDF. You can then use the feedback to achieve your goals. For instance, reduce your bounce rate, improve your Quality Score or get new A/B testing ideas.

The feedback provided me with several new ways to improve my website! In the past, I relied exclusively on user testing videos to learn about what people thought about my website, but now UserFeedback offers me a great new tool to collect this information.

David de Boer

Founder at Paytium
I use the results from UserFeedback as input for more comprehensive user research studies. Having access to quick user feedback on any website (even those with low traffic) allows me to better determine how to help my clients better.

Lisanne van den Berg

Freelance User Researcher